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Satisfy your cultural and gastronomic desires in Savès! Throughout the year many festive events take place.

As a couple, with friends or with the family, the Savès is "the place to be".

Excellent food certainly, but culture too! Savoir-vivre is always accompanied by great moments to get away from it all. The Saves year is packed with deeply rooted in the territory events, which you will enjoy tremendously. Music, exhibitions, live shows… there is something for everyone in le Savès!  

Ecouter, Danser...

Sea, Seysses and Sun

In June, a musical event in the school yard! The association Sea, Seysses and Sun turn this village on the heights of Savès into a real place of pilgrimage for any self-respecting rocker. A wild night assured. And it's free!

Sam Africa

In September, Africa is at hand. Treat yourself to a culinary, cultural and musical experience by discovering everything this great continent has to offer. Three days of celebration with artists and craftsmen. And it's completely free!

Fêtes locales 

Want to have fun? To discover the festive atmosphere of the Gers? The villages of Savès await you  all year round to share the experience, Gers village style.

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Have fun, Clap…

Théâtre d’été

In July,  a theatre festival takes over Samatan, the capital of foie gras, amateur and professional drama companies, quality comedy, and drama, you don’t want to miss those full of life scenes!

Théâtra Lieuze

In July, for one Saturday only, the village of Saint-Loube-Amades turns into a gigantic theatre stage where the live shows and good food intertwine.


Private gallery, artists' studios and various rooms, the Savès is brimming with places dedicated to painting, sculpture and photography. All year long, too.

Go out, Discover…

Foire agricole (Agricultural Fair)

In March, agricultural equipment and live animals, alongside of course good food and a car boot sale, a giant farm has been growing in the heart of Savès for 40 years..

Le Monde de l’auto

In September, vintage American cars, automotive legends or the latest models are gathered. A modest car convention which takes place every two years. 

Gasconh’à Table

In November, the place where Gascon gastronomy food lovers meet! From traditional white corn foie gras to noir deBigorre pork, all served with traditional drinks, go out and meet the sixty or so Southwest farming producers.

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