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Holidays in the countryside go hand in hand with an appetite for life, complete with gourmet stages.

Here in Savès, in terms of gastronomy, we know what we are talking about! Samatan, world capital of foie gras. Savès, land of authenticity and love of the terroir ...

Markets, restaurants labeled "Tables du Gers", events around local gastronomy, Savès is truly the land of food lovers !

Open-air market

One of the most beautiful open-air markets in France (source: www.guide-evasion.fr). Every Monday morning, no less than 180 merchants (more than 220 in summer) keep the South-West atmosphere alive. In this market - unique in its mix of rurality and "townies" - we find local products and we still negotiate the prices. 

Here we find everything from food to clothing, including home equipment,


Live poultry market

At 10:30 am, the whistle blows and the market opens its doors and the negotiations start. It is a shopping experience not to be missed.

The local producers' market is a truly special shopping experience, with an abundance of fresh organic produce (fruits, vegetables, pastries, preserves, wines, cheeses) to tempt you for a home-cooked supper.

Marché au gras (Fat and carcass market)

The reputation of this market is well established. As soon as the doors open, people rush, even scramble to obtain the best livers and the best carcasses from local producers to make their own foie gras, confits and other delights from palmipeds. 

This market is the most important in the Gers and the biggest in France with an international reputation. 

To buy local produce click here !

Our "Tables du Gers"*

A land of gastronomy, the Savès honours duck in all its forms. It is done in a creative and sometimes very surprising way... Food lovers will thoroughly enjoy the two restaurants labelled "Tables du Gers" in Samatan: La Table d’Olivier and Le Canard Gourmand.

You can also savour genuine duck cooking at l'Intervalle in Montégut-Savès or at many other restaurants. But rest assured, lovers of "on the go" meals or other cuisines of the world will also find food to their liking.

* Restaurants using mostly local products

Our gourmet events

You can imagine that in a gourmet area, there are plenty of food events. In addition to high end restaurants, the Savès has various events where you can titillate your taste buds in a convivial environment. In autumn, “Gascohn’a Table” highlights all Gascon culture, both culinary and cultural. An event where the best French chefs hasten to.

When the heat of summer arrives, how pleasant it is to enjoy a warm southern night. Especially when it comes with good food. Dash to Lombez to taste the Volunteer firefighters grilled sardines, the roasted Ox in the heart of the village of Montpezat or indulge yourselves with Samatan’s gourmet outdoor evenings

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The Gers, a food lovers dream.