A taste of the Gers with Damien

Damien - Esprit Foie Gras

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Producing duck products has always run in the family ! 

The Boutines family have been living and cooking mulard duck in Montégut-Savès for 3 generations. Originally, in 1956, the farm included raising cattle, chickens and ducks. Over the years, the family farm decided to make duck their specialty and to start processing it.

Today, they have entrusted the breeding of ducks to a Touget breeder, and that of geese at the Grisettes farm in Montesquiou. As for the Boutines family, they are dedicated to the preparation and sale of duck and goose products: timeless classics (foie gras, duck breast, confit ...) to original culinary dishes (duck tagines , duck legs with prunes, duck axoa ...) there is something for everyone! The quality of the products has also been recognized through several awards, notably at the Paris Agricultural Show.

I'm a hedonist, because I like quality products, very much related to our main activity.


A “foie gras spirit” brand / A “foie gras spirit”

It was in 2012 that Damien joined his parents in the family business, changing the name and creating the brand "Esprit Foie Gras" as well as an online store!

We had the know-how, we decided to make it known!


In 2016, the family open "L’ intervalle", their gastronomic farm restaurant where you can taste their specialties (by reservation and for groups). 

They are not very often at majour fairs and markets, "Esprit foie gras" favors short circuits for direct individual sales at the farm or through local networks such as "La Ruche qui dit oui" in Toulouse. The Boutines family also participates in gourmet evenings, an unmissable event in Samatan, where restaurateurs and producers join forces to offer an evening around good Gers products in a friendly and musical atmosphere.

Don't worry, the Boutines family will continue to delight us for many more years. Indeed, the succession was assured when Olivia, Damien's sister, joined the adventure!