Let your imagination run wild in Marie's workshop

Marie Pénétro's workshop

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Here creativity and curiosity are the key words!

Painter and sculptor for twenty years, Marie Pénétro welcomes us into her studio. Opened in February 2018 in the Ramondère area in Lombez, this space is divied into three parts: exhibition space, room for lessons and the artist's personal “den”. 

Feels like home...

Originally from the Pyrenees, Marie put her brushes "a little by chance" in Lombez, 28 years ago: she fell in love with the Gers "after having traveled and having lived everywhere. "

The Gers? It's a great place to live, it's beautiful !


Pushing the door of her workshop is like going on a trip…Bathed in light, thanks to the large  windows which throughout the workshop, our eye gets lost between the paintings and the memories, touches of colour with African and oriental accents.

A place dedicated to art

On closer inspection, we find here and there, Marie's first inspiration , the great Renaissance painters in the softness and roundness of her great humanist and intimate portraits, of her sketches or her modeling.

It is in this humanist spirit that Marie thoughtout the workshop project, open to all; with a classroom for adults and children of all skill levels, but also an exhibit space shared with other artists.

"It is a place of sharing and meeting"

She wishes to bring it to life through artistic encounters, writing workshops, conferences, readings related to the work on the walls.

To learn together

Armed with great kindness, Marie offers drawing and painting lessons, for adults and children throughout the year, whatever the level. 

Self-taught, Marie considers her teaching of painting or drawing as an accompaniment of her pupils to realize their desires. Thus, each student evolves and learns at their own pace in group lessons, without preconceived themes or obligations other than that of having fun!

My goal is to give them confidence