Tourist tax

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The steps to follow for Savès accommodation providers regarding the tourist tax

What is the tourist tax?

The tourist tax is a local tax paid to the Community of Communes of Savès by the landlord, the hotelier, the owner of bed and breakfast or holiday cottage accommodation and paid by the tourists. The area will then be able to fund, for example, the production of a promotional brochure, tourist activities and the modernization of tourist spaces (museum, castle, etc.)

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The obligations of the landlord / hotelier / owner of bed and breakfast or holiday cottage accommodation.

  • Show the tourist tax rate
  • Invoice the tourist tax, in addition to the services, per night and per person
  • Include this price on the invoice given to the customer (independent line)
  • Keep a register of the non-nominal indicating the number of people accommodated, the duration of the stay and the amount of the tax collected
  • Keep the amount and transfer it to the treasury during the month of January of the following year
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